Join the Sharing Revolution

Join the Sharing Revolution 
The digital disruption is happening. The old ways of doing business are being rapidly replaced by new technology. Entire industries are going digital and using mobile apps to connect with customers. The world’s most innovative companies have taken advantage of the Sharing Economy. Don’t get left behind and join the Sharing Revolution.

Uber is the world’s largest taxi company, and it doesn’t own a single taxi.

AirBnB provides the most accommodations in the world, and it doesn’t own any real estate.

Skype and WeChat are the largest phone companies but they’ve never built any telecommunications infrastructure.

Alibaba became the world’s most valuable retailer without any inventory.

Facebook is the most valuable media owner and it doesn’t create any content.

SocietyOne is the fastest growing bank but has no actual money.

Netflix screens the most movies in the world but it doesn’t own any theatres.

Apple and Google are the largest software vendors, but they don’t write any apps.

You’ve likely benefitted from the Sharing Economy. Why not take another step and join the Sharing Revolution. If you’re still not convinced, read economist and entrepreneur Paul Zane Pilzer talk about the Sharing Revolution:

“The Sharing Revolution” by Paul Zane Pilzer

Networking Times MagazineOctober 2014

In The Sharing Economy, entrepreneurs use information technology to create new, better and sometimes unregulated methods of distribution. This typically results in consumers halving the cost and/or getting twice the value on anything from a taxi ride to overnight lodging.

But The Sharing Economy is about more than just improving economics. It’s a veritable revolution that is changing everything – how we work, how we drive, what we eat, where we sleep – everything!

That’s why I am calling it The Sharing Revolution — the most significant change to our lives since the 19th century when the affordable automobile led to the creation of roads, hotels, restaurants, and suburbs.

What our economy is missing is education for new methods and better ways to do business. Who’s filling the gap? Only network marketing is stepping up to the plate to face this challenge, which is the need to retool people who don’t have the skills, knowledge, contacts, or whatever they need to succeed in today’s economy.

Network marketing holds the key to resolving our biggest global issue, which is retraining the unemployed, because it is the only model that succeeds economically by teaching individuals new skills that will help them succeed in a changing world.