On the Forefront of Nutrigenomics

Dr. Joe McCord’s innovation and tireless research brought the world the anti-aging supplement, Protandim. The former Chief Scientific Officer proved through scientific research that the supplement reduced oxidative stress by an average of 40% within 30 days. Clinical trials found that Protandim slowed down the cell aging process to the level of a 20-year-old. As soon as the landmark findings were published, Protandim media coverage wasn’t far behind.

The public began to catch on to the benefits of Protandim when the investigative reporters from ABC’s Primetime  researched the anti-aging supplement. Thanks to the report, Protandim

and LifeVantage were thrust into the national spotlight. The Primetime report remains a property of ABC, but it has proven to be a powerful 3rd party resource for LifeVantage. The video has been instrumental in building credibility and helping LifeVantage distributors generate more than $600 million in sales to date!

Protandim media coverage hasn’t been limited to the one report. Since the ABC Primetime Investigative Report, Protandim has also been featured on NBC, PBS and The Wall Street Journal.