Biohacking the Aging Code

Throughout history, man has yearned to run faster, jump higher and live longer. Man pushes the limits of science and innovation to make fiction into reality.  LifeVantage and their ground-breaking products aim to take their place among the health and wellness milestones that have shaped how we live today:

1513 – Ponce de Leon mounts an expedition in search of the Fountain of Youth.

1522 – Explorers circle the globe after believing for years that the Earth was flat.

1796 – Dr. Edward Jenner successfully vaccinates a boy from smallpox.

1877 – Louis Pasteur identifies the strain that would lead to the creation of penicillin.

1954 – The first successful organ transplant takes place.

2003 – The indirect antioxidant, Protandim, shatters the antioxidant paradigm.

2009 – LifeVantage is launched.

As of 2015, LifeVantage owns seven US patents and five international patents. It’s a company that’s traded publicly on the NASDAQ stock exchange and it sponsors the Major League Soccer team, Real Salt Lake. LifeVantage’s network marketing distribution model has led to tremendous success for the company and its distributors worldwide.

Watch LifeVantage’s award-winning video that tracks the success and evolution of the company and its flagship product, Protandim.  Learn how you and Protandim can take your place alongside other health and wellness milestones that the shaped the world we live in.