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Your First One, the Next One, or the Last One: Find Success with Network Marketing

Choosing the right network marketing company is a daunting task. There are hundreds of companies. They are not all created equal. In the perfect scenario, you will only ever need to build one organization in one company to achieve long-term financial success. Unfortunately, this rarely happens. People tend to jump blindly into the first opportunity that comes their way and then quickly switch to another company when it doesn’t work out. They find themselves starting over again. To avoid this , it’s important to know how to evaluate an opportunity so you can find success with network marketing from the get go.

The Pitfalls of Your First One
The core strength of the business model is that customer bases and distributor organizations are built upon personal relationships. The vast majority of new entrants into our industry stem from a family member, trusted friend or business associate. They ask you to join their new found path to riches or purchase their company’s product. Unfortunately, many times the sponsor is also new to the industry, like you. They most likely never did any due diligence on the company’s operating history, financial resources, their products, compensation plan, management or upline support team. Therefore, consider yourself lucky IF your first network marketing company turns out to be the vehicle for your personal success story.

New entrants also have to get past the marketing hyperbole of passionate distributors when evaluating a network marketing opportunity. All successful distributors have a bulletproof belief that their company and products are the best in the industry. This belief is commendable and necessary to achieve the highest ranks and income levels. You need to dig deeper. What your sponsor believes is not necessarily true. They only believe it to be true.

Getting all of the pertinent information is the vital first step before jumping in with both feet. Find the right company that matches your intentions for immediate part-time income and/or long-term residual income, and you will be fortunate to have a positive first experience.

Making Your First One the Last One
If you avoid the possible pitfalls of your first attempt then you’re on your way to finding success with network marketing. If your first company turns out to meet all your expectations, then seize the opportunity. Embrace the industry. Develop the necessary professional network marketing skills, the vital mindset for success, and never give up. You will eventually manifest all your personal goals. Understand that whatever you vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely believe in and enthusiastically act upon – MUST inevitably come to pass.

Make Sure the Next One is Your Last One
Should you ever find yourself in a situation, no matter the reason, where you are compelled to move to a new company, make sure your ‘next’ one is your ‘last’ one. Avoid the shiny objects and the lure of fast, easy money. Watch out for companies that have no legitimate consumer market for their product or service. The regulatory agencies consider them ‘money games.’ These companies are eventually exposed if the majority of their sales come solely from distributors enrolments. They rarely last. Be cautious of start up companies that generate a lot of ‘ground floor’ marketing hype. Historically, only 1 out of 100 are still in business after three years. These odds are not in your favour. It’s not worth damaging your reputation. Your reputation is key to attracting others to your next network marketing venture. It cannot be overemphasized how important it is to look closely before you leap!

You can never create lifelong residual income if you don’t find a legitimate opportunity, make it your last one, and stop looking for your next one. To find success with network marketing you need to find a company with predictable success. It’s important to understand specific business principles required to identify a network marketing company that will be around long-term. That is the only way to reap the rewards of lifelong residual income.

As a network marketing professsional with 48 years of experience, serving in every capacity of the the business model, I leave you with these final thoughts: Take into consideration the company’s track record and management, the uniqueness of their products and the importance of timing.